• 17cm Targets Double Sided Five & One Grade 1 Pack of 50

    Grade 1 Double sided 6yd targets for air rifles and pistols

  • 6yd Air Pistol Paper Targets (50)

    Official NSRA 6yrd Air Pistol Targets.(Air 8)

  • 6yd Air Rifle Paper Targets (50)

    Official NSRA 6yrd Air rifle Targets.(Air 7)

  • Air Arms S200 Target Rifle

    This is an entry level target rifle. The S200 Target’s .177 calibre barrel is renowned for its accuracy and with the dioptre sights fitted as standard; the shooter is fully equipped to make the most of its match winning potential. Further aiding the accuracy of the S200 Target, is a supportive, match-type stock and precision trigger, plus the recoilless consistency of the precharged pneumatic action.

    With its power set at 6 ft.lbs. the S200 Target produces over 130+ shots per charge, which is more than enough for any match, including sighting shots, and the manageable weight and perfect balance of the rifle is designed to promote on-aim stability, without tiring the shooter.

    These air rifles are only suitable for use by older Scouts, Explorers, Network and Adults. They are only available for use with the District Shooting Advisor.

  • Air Rifle Pellets (500)

    Lightweight accurate pellets for air rifles and pistols. Meets all basic requirements. For universal use.
    Note: May be other make of pellet supplied (e.g. Gamo)

  • Gamo Delta Fox GT

    The Delta Fox GT is a modern-looking, precise and light 7.5 Joules airgun intended for those young users who are planning to get into shooting universe. The Delta Fox GT has been specially designed to be an easy to load gun, so the youngest ones can enjoy it their own way. This outstanding carbine features a revolutionary fiber optic gun sight that provides a clear, bright and dependable picture in any light.

  • Indoor Shooting Range (Range only)

    6yd indoor shooting range which is inside of the main hall of the District Scout Centre.  Can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 shooting at a time.

  • Mobile Air Rifle/Pistol Range

    Mersey Weaver  have Mobile range that can be transported to a suitable venue.

    We have available a number of NRSA qualified Instructors who can be booked, in advance, should you not have your own NRSA Instructor. Currently, they are only available by prior arrangement on evenings or weekends.  One instructor is required for every 6 shooting; however, this ratio may be adjusted depending on the age of the shooters as Cubs may need a higher ratio of supervision on the range.