Pots & Pans

  • Dutch Ovens

    The dutch oven is the most versatile of cast iron pots, and quite possibly the only pot you will ever need!
    It can be used on a gas ring, an altar fire, or can be buried in coals.  It is suitable for boiling, broiling, roasting, baking, stewing, frying and any other method of cooking. This is by far the best piece of camp cooking equipment available and we have four of them available for loan.

  • Sea to Summit 1.4l X-Pot

    Until now, camp cooking pots were the most bulky, awkward item in your kit. The Sea to Summit X-Pots change all that. The 1.4L X-Pot is a fully featured cooking pot that combines the heat-distribution of aluminum with the flexibility of silicone. The hard anodized aluminum base offers a fast boil time and the stainless steel ring embedded in the rim lends a rigidity to the silicone walls for easy lifting and stirring. Top it off with a clear locking lid with an integrated strainer and you have a full-size pot that packs down to an inch tall disk perfect for those lightweight expeditions!