Crossbow Session (QCW Range, Instructor & Equipment)

From: £80.00

The indicative cost above is based on a 2 hour session with use of 6 crossbows (simultaneous shooters on the firing line) and 1 NSRA qualified RCO/instructor.  The actual cost of your booking will be shown below once you have selected the number of crossbows/simultaneous shooters and desired session timings

Once you have configured and submitted your booking request (by clicking the “check availability” button to put the booking in your basket and when ready go to the basket and checkout your order). Once the order is submitted we will check instructor availability for the requested date/time before confirming the booking and requesting payment.
Our NRSA qualified Instructors will run the range and provide instruction to participants. Currently, they are only available by prior arrangement.  One instructor is recommended for every 6 Scouts/Explorers shooting; however, this ratio may be adjusted depending on the age/maturity of the shooters on agreement of the Instructor. Note Our minimum age for crossbow shooting is 10 years old. (note we do have 6 fun crossbows and targets for use by Beavers and Cubs which can be used anywhere within reason).

The booking includes the use of the outdoor target sports range , crossbows (EK Archery Jaguar MK1 with 40lb draw weight fitted fitted red dot sight), crossbow targets suitable for use at 10m, target bosses and services of one qualified NRSA Crossbow YPS Tutor(or NRSA Club Instructor or Coach).

Each set of shooters will start with a 5-10 minute briefing on safety and use of crossbow for all shooters, allow 5 minute turnaround time between sets of shooters.  Therefore in a 2 hour booking, 3 x 30 minutes sessions is possible allowing for safety briefing and changeovers (i.e 18 participants).

Mandatory Documents

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Crossbow target shooting is an internationally-recognised sport. Participants shoot at static targets in order to score points. The size of target used, and the distance over which they are shot at, varies. A round consists of firing normally 3-6 bolts. This is the number of shots that each shooter fires prior to the scores being recorded and the bolts collected.

In order to achieve consistent scores, the shooter aims to ensure that they are consistent in what they do for every shot. This includes adopting the exact same position, aiming at the same spot and so on. Many shooters only ever compete against themselves, aiming to better their own personal best scores. Others will enter competitions and tournaments at local club level, county level or even national level.

Please note that the Range Control Officer/Instructor is only responsible for the supervision of those on the firing line, the group’s leader is responsible for the safety and discipline of those not on the firing line.

Our new target sports range  is located to the rear of the Hideaway and beside the campfire circle.  The firing point is a flat concrete pad accessed from a gravel filled geogrid path.

The range consists of:

  • Range size:  17m (length) by 13m (width)
  • Firing point: 10m (width) by 4 m (depth), concrete surface,  roof above (open sides).
  • Target Bosses:
    • 90cm layer foam
    • can be moved to any firing distance up to 15m from the firing point. Shooting distance is normally 10m.
  • Backstop curtain 10m wide by 3.1m high.
    Floodlighting for evening/low ambient light use.
  • The range surface is soil backfilled geogrids which provides a surface suitable for wheelchair traffic.
  • Access way into the firing point is 1 metre wide.

The adjoining campfire circle can be used as a waiting area/viewing point, if not being used by others.