All camping, indoor accommodation and evening sectional activities must be booked through the Booking Manager.

Bookings Manager: Ben Nugent

Tel: 01928 352132


Fees for 2020:Camping
(per person per night)
The Laavu
(per person per night)
The Hideaway
(per night*)
Mersey Weaver£3£4£135
Other Organisations£5£6£150

All fees for the Hideaway and camping are inclusive of electricity and use of showers. A deposit of one nights fee for The Hideaway and £15 per group for camping are required. These are non-refundable and cancellation under six weeks prior to your stay your group will be invoiced for the balance.

*Please note there is a minimum stay in the Hideaway of two nights.

Opening Times

The Hideaway: February to November

Camping:  April to October

Open 5pm Friday to 5pm Sunday.

Outside these hours the Hideaway and campsite gates are locked unless previously arranged with the booking managers at least 2 weeks in advance.

Duty Warden

The Campsite is supervised during periods of occupation by a part time Duty Warden.