Camping Equipment

  • 5 litre Pump Action Airpot Flasks

    We have four double wall stainless steel pump action airpots with removable lid and wide neck for easy cleaning. Perfect for providing refreshments at events.

  • Coleman Event Shelter Pro

    Need some shelter for an event, camp or activity? Perfect for dining shelters, hike check points and bases. The district have four event shelters with walls which you can use.

  • Coleman FyrePower Alpine Stove

    Need a Stove for a backpacking trek or expedition? This 3800W stove weighs just 315g and will boil water in just 3mins 45seconds!

  • DD Fire Bowl and Tripod Set

    Food never tastes better than when it’s cooked outside, and the DD Fire Bowl and Tripod Set makes outdoor cooking a joy!

    The 50cm diameter aluminium Fire Bowl is suitable for use with any solid fuel, with deep sides to give protection from the wind, and the detachable legs ensure any fire scarring or damage to the ground is avoided.

    The large capacity stainless steel grill is suspended from the collapsible tripod on a chain and pulley system, so it can be raised or lowered to get the best cooking temperature for all your favourite foods!
    When you’re done cooking and the kit is cool and clean, The tripod and grill pack down easily into the fire bowl to take up only a small amount of space in the car.
  • DD Frontline Hammocks with Tarps

    The DD Frontline Hammock is a versatile and tough double-layered design, with a breathable base and mosquito net built in – meaning that it excels in various climates.

    Sleep 100% bug-free with the Frontline Hammock’s insect net zipped up, or simply unzip both sides and roll up to secure out of the way. Alternatively, suspend the hammock with the net on the bottom to lounge out in the sun!
    Also featuring 4 internal pouches that can be used on the interior of the hammock, or the exterior when suspended with the net on the bottom. Ideal for storing your essentials and valuables!
  • Dometic ACX3 40 Fridge

    You’ve found a dream place to camp but there’s no way to get there with the vehicle and no mains hook-up either… Don’t worry, we have two Dometic CombiCool ACX3 absorption cool boxes that give you maximum freedom. The fridges run on 12 V DC in the vehicle and on 230 V AC.  In the great outdoors you simply switch over to gas mode. The ACX 40G even makes do with a standard gas cartridge. All ACX3 models provide cooling up to 30 °C below the ambient temperature. .

  • Eurohike Buckingham Elite 6 person Tent

    Need a Tent for a Camp or Event? Mersey Weaver have eleven of these six man tents available to any group or unit to loan.

  • Forbidden Road Recreational Hammocks

    Lightweight Portable Parachute Hammock for Outdoor Hiking Travel Backpacking

  • Hi Gear Kalahari Eclipse 8 Tent

    Need a Tent for a Camp or Event? Mersey Weaver have two of these fabulous Kalahari 8 man tents available to any group or unit to loan.

  • Hi Gear Oasis Eclipse 8 Tent

    Need a Tent for a Camp or Event? Mersey Weaver have two of these fabulous Oasis 8 man tents available to any group or unit to loan.

  • Placeholder

    Inflatable Sofas

  • LED Rechargeable Flood Lights

  • MSR Trailshot Water Filters

    The Trailshot Micro Filter is a tiny water filter designed to be used to drink directly from the source and to refill bottles while on the go. With a flow rate of 1L/min you can quickly fill bottles and with its small size it can easily be stashed in a rucksack/running vest pocket or even a jacket or trouser pocket.

    Easy one-handed operation filters one litre in a mere 60 seconds, so you can get back on the trail quickly and moving again.

    Weighing just 142g, the TrailShot water filter is the ultimate filter for fast-paced, high-mileage adventurers, like trail runners, hikers, fast-packers and mountain bikers.

  • MSR Windburner Stove

    Fast, fuel-efficient personal stove system for solo travelers, minimalist trips and personal meals.

    The WindBurner Stove System is ideal for backcountry adventures and weekend camping alike. Its radiant burner and enclosed, windproof design allow the stove to boil water fast and operate in weather that leaves conventional burners in the cold. The integrated cookware with built-in heat exchanger efficiently transfers heat to the lock-on pot so you can enjoy a quick meal or hot drink after a hike, ride or paddle. The all-in-one system nests inside its pot for easy packing and assembly—leaving more time for you to enjoy your adventure.

  • Portable Electric Showers

    We have three battery powered hose/shower for camping or cleaning bikes after an activity

  • Scrubba Wash Bags

    The Scrubba™ wash bag is the world’s smallest washing machine and the ultimate travel and camping essential. Its great for expeditions.

    This ultra-portable washing machine makes your journey easier.  The convenient, pocket-sized drybag allows you to travel lighter and helps you save money, time and water. Weighing less than 142g the Scrubba Wash Bag is a modern take on the old fashioned washboard. It is twice as effective as hand washing and a lot more hygienic that a dirty hotel sink.