Queen Charlotte's Wood

  • Archery Session (QCW Range, Equipment & Instructor)

    Mersey Weaver  have an archery range located at Queen Charlottes Wood together with a stock of equipment suitable for Beavers through to Explorer aged young people and adults.

    We have available a number of Permitted Archery Instructors who can be booked, in advance, should you not have your own Permitted Instructor. Currently, they are only available by prior arrangement in evenings or at weekends.  One instructor is required for every 6 archers shooting; however, this ratio may be adjusted depending on the age of the archers as Beavers may need a higher ratio of supervision on the range. For most bookings at QCW we recommend 4 simultaneous archers. You can book the range and equipment, or  if you have your own equipment the range can be booked on its own here. Please note that we only hire the archery equipment for use at Queen Charlottes Wood.

    The standard package of 2 hours, 4 simultaneous archers costs ¬£65. Each additional archer cost ¬£7.50. Mersey Weaver groups however receive a discount this is applied when you log in with an account that has the appropriate membership profile applied. If you don’t see the discount and you are logged in, click here.

  • Croquet Set

  • Frisbee Golf

    We have a Frisbee Golf course at our Queen Charlotte’s Wood Activity Centre. The idea is to navigate around the course in as few throws as possible!

  • QCW Archery Range (Range Only)

    If you have your own permitted instructor and Archery Equipment, Mersey Weaver have an archery range located at its idyllic Queen Charlottes Wood Activity Centre. The Range comes equipped with five bosses to fire at..

  • QCW Campfire Circle