QCW Target Sports Range – Archery/Crossbow Use (Range Only)

From: £20.00

If you have your own permitted archery/NSRA crossbow instructor and target sports equipment, Mersey Weaver have a target sports range located at its idyllic Queen Charlottes Wood Activity Centre. The range only booking comes equipped with:

  • Archery – 90cm bosses, max 6

User provides their own targets.

Are you a member of the Scout Association or Mersey Weaver? Then you may be eligible for a discount! Make sure you have registered an account and if required, request the appropriate membership for your role.
To book/see the calendar for this resource, you must hold an Adult Appointment in Scouting and request the appropriate permissions or log in if you ate already a member.


Have your own permitted archery instructor/NRSA YPS crossbow tutor and equipment, and want to run your own session(s) at QCW?  Then we have a  new target sports range being constructed starting in August 2022, which replaces the old range, which should be available for use from Q3 2022.  The new range is being located to the rear of the Hideaway and campfire circle thus providing significantly improved access which is level and mostly hard surfaced.

The range consists of:

  • Range size:  17m (length) by 13m (width)
  • Firing point: 12m (width) by 4 m (depth), concrete surface,  roof above (open sides).
  • Bosses
    • 90cm layered foam bosses, 27cm thick,  6 available.
    • can be set to any firing distance up to 15m from the firing point.
  • Floodlighting for evening/low ambient light use.
  • All weather range surface (backfilled geogrids suitable for wheelchair traffic).
  • Ramp access with handrails to/from the firing point, 1 metre wide.

The adjoining campfire circle can be used as a waiting area/viewing point, if not being used by others.