Shelter Building

  • Parachutes

    Need some shelter or a sun shade for an activity or while camping? Maybe you just want to build a den? Then why not borrow one of the District’s Parachutes?

  • Pioneering Poles

    Want to build a structure, bridge, tree house or catapult? Then the District has a wide selection of pioneering poles at its Queen Charlotte’s Wood Activity Centre. The poles are available to use free of charge to all Mersey Weaver Groups or guests at the campsite.

  • Trillium Giant Hammocks

    The District have two Trillium Hammocks that uses a three-point anchor system and heavy-duty webbing of our Tree Tents to create a stable, reinforced, platform-style floor that allows three people to relax unencumbered in their own space.

    These are great to use at our very own Queen Charlotte’s Wood or nearby Forest Camp.