• iPads

    The District have 10 cellular iPads which can be used by groups for all manner of things. Obvious ideas include Digital Citizen and Digital Maker Badges, Geocaching, Route Planning using Digital Mapping Software, Star Gazing, Creating Movies or Music, researching a topic or subject, learning how to code, Media and PR applications, digitising historical artefacts, tracking young people on a hike using the GPS tracking software, helping young people with a disability or learning difficulty – but really your imagination is the limit!

    Each iPad is available with an optional Apple Pencil for annotating, drawing and has cellular connectivity if you don’t have an internet connection in or outside the meeting place (Paid for on the iPad separately)

    The Devices are remotely managed and come with tools so leaders can lock young people in/out of certain apps and monitor what they are doing using the Classroom App

    Learn more how use the Classroom App here

    Selected time period you wish to book must cover collection through to  returning them back.