• DD Frontline Hammocks with Tarps

    The DD Frontline Hammock is a versatile and tough double-layered design, with a breathable base and mosquito net built in – meaning that it excels in various climates.

    Sleep 100% bug-free with the Frontline Hammock’s insect net zipped up, or simply unzip both sides and roll up to secure out of the way. Alternatively, suspend the hammock with the net on the bottom to lounge out in the sun!
    Also featuring 4 internal pouches that can be used on the interior of the hammock, or the exterior when suspended with the net on the bottom. Ideal for storing your essentials and valuables!
  • Forbidden Road Recreational Hammocks

    Lightweight Portable Parachute Hammock for Outdoor Hiking Travel Backpacking

  • Trillium Giant Hammocks

    The District have two Trillium Hammocks that uses a three-point anchor system and heavy-duty webbing of our Tree Tents to create a stable, reinforced, platform-style floor that allows three people to relax unencumbered in their own space.

    These are great to use at our very own Queen Charlotte’s Wood or nearby Forest Camp.