Indoor Shooting Range (Range only)

From: £20.00

6yd indoor shooting range which is inside of the main hall of the District Scout Centre.  Can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 shooting at a time.

Are you a member of the Scout Association or Mersey Weaver Scout District? You may be eligible for a discount. Request access to the Leader group.
To book this resource, you must hold an Adult Appointment and have the appropriate permissions or log in if you already are a member.


Although the target holders are already in place, the main hall will need to be setup, by the Range Officer:

  • All furniture removed between the firing line and targets (benches, seating, flag-pole and flag, judo mats, tables).
  • The ballistic curtains above the targets drawn closed.
  • Tables set out along the firing line.
  • Firing line and area demarcated using the provided self-standing tape barriers.
  • Red flag hung outside the main hall doors.

It is the responsibility of the Range Officer to ensure the range is run  in compliance with NRSA safety rules.

Afterwards, the main hall must be swept clean, rubbish removed and room reinstated for normal use, which includes emptying the pellet catchers and clearing the room of any pellets.

  • All rubbish must be taken away with the hirer as the building does not a rubbish collection service.

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