Shooting Session (District Scout Centre Range, Instructor & Equipment)

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Mersey Weaver  have an indoor range located at the District Scout Centre together with a stock of equipment suitable for Cubs through to Explorer aged young people and adults.

We have available a number of NRSA qualified Instructors who can be booked, in advance, should you not have your own NRSA Instructor. Currently, they are only available by prior arrangement on evenings or weekends.  One instructor is required for every 6 shooting; however, this ratio may be adjusted depending on the age of the shooters as Cubs may need a higher ratio of supervision on the range.

The booking includes the range , springer air rifles (Gamo Delta Fox), 1 pack of 50 targets (17cm), 1 tin of 500 pellets (4.52mm) and services of one qualified NRSA Air rifle YPS instructor (or NRSA Club Coach).

Session will start with a 10 minute safety briefing for all shooters, allow 5 minute turnaround time between groups of shooters.

Note: A group of 6 shooters will typically shoot three targets of 10 shots over 20 minutes.  Therefore we recommend purchasing additional 1 pack of targets and 1 tin of pellets when making the booking, unless you are providing your own consumables.

If you have your own equipment the range can be booked on its own here. If you need just an instructor to come to a venue of your choice you can book them individually here.

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  • 17cm Targets Double Sided Five & One Grade 1 Pack of 50
  • Air Rifle Pellets (500)
Are you a member of the Scout Association or Mersey Weaver Scout District? You may be eligible for a discount. Request access to the Leader group.


Target shooting is an internationally-recognised sport which features in both the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. This is the most popular form of the sport where, as its name suggests, participants shoot at static targets in order to score points. The size of target used, and the distance over which they are shot at, varies. A round consists of firing normally ten shots. This is the number of shots that each shooter fires prior to the scores being recorded and the target collected.

In order to achieve consistent scores, the shooter aims to ensure that they are consistent in what they do for every shot. This includes adopting the exact same position, aiming at the same spot and so on. Many shooters only ever compete against themselves, aiming to better their own personal best scores. Others will enter competitions and tournaments at local club level, county level or even national level.

Please note that the Range Officer/Instructor is only responsible for the supervision of those on the firing line, the group’s leader is responsible for the safety and discipline of those not on the firing line.

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