Blokart Pro V3

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A Blokart is a 3 wheeled kart or type of land yacht which uses a sail, similar to those found on small dinghies, to provide traction.

Blokart Sailing is a relatively new sport which is becoming more and more popular, mainly due to its easy accessibility.  A Blokart packs away into a bag that will easily fit into the boot of a car and is very easy to set up and use. The small size means that they can also be easily transported on aeroplanes to take part in international events or just for fun on holiday. Almost anyone and everyone can participate! Blokart sailing appeals to people from 8 to 80.

The Blokart is controlled using the hands only, meaning that a person’s size and mobility need not stop them enjoying the sport; people with paraplegia, prosthetic limbs and many other medical conditions can compete equally with able-bodied sailors. Blokarts are also very safe, providing the right protection measures are worn.

It is incredibly easy to learn to sail. There are 4 sail sizes; 5.5m, 4m, 3m and 2m to suit a range of conditions; All of the sails will propel you at speeds up to twice the actual wind speed.

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Our sails come in two different sizes— 3 m and 4 m—so you can swap sails according to the wind strength or sailor’s body weight. All sails are made from dacron sail cloth, with reinforced mylar for the clear leach panels, and tapered fiberglass battens.

For new sailors who want to start with a single sail, we recommend our 4 meter sail. This is a great option for most wind speeds and body types.

This chart shows how you can customise your sail depending on body weight and expected wind speeds.

Body Weight (kgs) vs. Wind Strength (knots)
3kn 5 10 15 20 25 30
30kg 5.5m 4m 3m 3m
40 5.5m 4m 3m 3m 2m
50 5.5m 4m 4m 3m 2m 2m
60 5.5m 4m 4m 4m 3m 2m
70 5.5m 5.5m 4m 4m 3m 2m
80 5.5m 5.5m 4m 4m 3m 3m 2m
90 5.5m 5.5m 4m 4m 4m 3m 2m
100+ 5.5m 5.5m 4m 4m 3m 2m

Where can I sail them?

On any firm surface at least the size of four tennis courts. Examples include parking lots, grass fields, airstrips, beaches at low tide, deserts, and dry lake beds. Please note that you may require permission of the land owner or local authority to sail on beaches, parkland et . Visit the Blokart locator page to find places to sail in your region.

How small do they break down?

All Blokarts are delivered packed into their (.78 m x 1.18 m) carrying bag, which can easily fit into the trunk of most cars, or airplane checked baggage.

How long do Blokarts take to set up/pack down?

Approximately 10 minutes, no tools required. Step-by-step instructions can be viewed on the Blokart support site.

What do they weigh?

Approximately 29 kg (64 lbs). Light enough to check onto an airplane.

How fast do they go?

As fast as you want to go! The sheet rope acts like an accelerator in a car. Typically speeds of 40-60 kph (25-40 mph) are achieved but speeds of over (106 kph / 65 mph) have been recorded.

How easy are they to sail?

Most people pick it up within 15-30 minutes. Rental companies set the minimum age at eight years old, which gives an indication of how easy Blokarts are to safely operate. Blokart sailing instructions can be viewed on the Blokart support site.

How do you stop?

Just point the Blokart into the wind and you will slowly come to a stop, like a sail boat. At speed, you can throw the Blokart into a slide and it’ll quickly come to a stop.

Who can use a Blokart?

Anyone over eight years old of any gender with use of their hands/arms can sail a Blokart.

How much maintenance is required?

Not a lot. Flush out the wheel bearings and re-pack with grease every once in a while and check over the Blokart before each use to ensure everything is tight. Tires might need replacing from time to time, but they are not expensive. Maintenance tips can be viewed on the Blokart support site.

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